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Working out as a new mom is just not the same as it used to be! Your body is totally different. Everything has stretched and move, and now you are trying to put it back together, which is just uncomfortable. Motivation to lose the baby weight runs low as the sleepless nights add up, and the attempts to fit in a workout are just stressful. Losing the baby weight is such a challenge, so I put together a roundup of truly motivating items to make your workouts easier and more comfortable.
These items are so helpful to new mamas working out at home or headed to the gym. It doesn’t matter where, but this is the gear that will motivate you to keep moving and hitting those goals.
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Important Gear To Make Your Workouts Easier As A New Mom:

1. Cardimom: I receivedThe Jersey Knit Cardimom®, and I couldn’t be happier with it! These cardigans are especially made to convert to a nursing cover, then back to a simple cardigan. I love that you can wear these out and about with your clothes, or even during your workout like I did. I find it very comfortable and lightweight.
This item is particularly amazing for moms headed to the gym to get back in shape, with their baby in tow. You can wear The Jersey Knit Cardimom®as a cardigan, then transform it to a nursing cover if your baby gets hungry during your workout like mine always does!
Even working out at home, some how the baby thinks that’s a signal to eat, so here I am working out with the baby and stopping to nurse at the same time.

2. Nursing Sports Bras: This goes right along with the Cardamom idea. I have literally found myself in the middle of a workout, sportsbra in tact, and needing to nurse the baby. Wiggling myself out of the tight sports bra wasn’t a reality, so I have these nursing sports bra to make life so much easier as a new mom working on getting back in shape!

3. Waist trainer/wrap: I made the mistake of not getting one of these to add to my workout, and I know have an umbilical hernia I need to work on. I’ve read that these are only cured through surgery, and that they can be healed through exercise. I will let you all know how my wrap and therapy go, and if surgery will be in my future (let’s hope not!!). What these do is help encourage your stomach muscles to fuse back together. They support your back and assist your core strength while doing your exercises. I know for me, with cardio, I forget to engage my core, and these are constant reminders to do that while you are working out.
athleta compression leggings
4. Compression Yoga Pants: Now these aren’t your average yoga pants. These are particularly great for after having a baby because you are still holding water weight, and things are just jiggly. Its just a fact of motherhood that we all have to work through, and having some pants that help tighten and hold things together help you to feel more comfortable as your working out and getting back into shape. NY Times has a great review of compression pants for performance and recovery, and they state,  A review of more than 30 studies of the effects of compression clothing in sports performance and recovery, for instance, determined that “compression clothing may assist athletic performance and recovery in given situations.”  The most important aspect for me is the tightness to hold things together, so I am not distracted by, or uncomfortable with how loose my body feels as I am getting back into shape. This motivates me to work harder!

5. Awesome Fit Mom Tanks: I go through a lot of tanks with my workouts and sweats. Gosh the laundry is endless, but its so motivating to have a few great tanks to alternate through, rather than raggedy tanks. I feel better in cute gear, and then I’m more likely to put it on and get it done! Check out some of these fun tanks on Amazon that are totally affordable!

Check out more of my favorite items on Venndy! Fitness gear that is great for new mamas on the go!

Being a new mama presents a lot of new challenges and changes. Taking some time to invest in the right pieces really helps the transition. I find that just the right pants or bra takes some of the stress out, which encourages me and motivates me to keep going!
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