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Anyone else struggle to get a workout in when you have to haul three babies to a gym or attempt to keep everyone busy while you try, for just 20 minutes to break a sweat. I know I do. Its stressful to think about trying to workout, let alone actually getting it done! I need some sort of reward. Something small to look forward too because as a mom, we need it! Here are seven rewards that work to help you lose the baby weight and stay on track!

*this post contains affiliate links. Ellie kindly sent a complimentary subscription box for my honest opinion 🙂

If you are struggling to stay on track and stay motivated, I’ve been there, I am there really. I attempt to workout three days a week, and even that is hard, so let’s get into the rewards that work!

One: Active wear Subscription

First, I was able to try the August subscription box from Ellie, an active wear subscription company, and let me tell you, its a fun, motivating little box to get each month!

Most of the time, I am contacted by brands on this blog, who want an opportunity for me to share my thoughts with all of you. I saw the Ellie Active wear, and I knew this was a brand I wanted to try and review! If you are anything like me, you probably love a new workout outfit, but are unsure about spending valuable resources that could easily be saved.

Well, I can see why Ellie is the #1 active wear subscription box. The pants, tank, sports bra and backpack I received for August are so cute! The items are high-quality, comfortable and motivating. You can do three items at $39.95 or 5 items for just $10 dollars more! This includes a top, bra, pants and two fitness accessories!

That’s the ticker for me, this is a motivating item to look forward to each month. A way for me to set goals, so I can get my box. Things I tell myself are, “If I workout 3 days a week, all four weeks of the month, I get my box!” Here’s the full description of what this month includes!

Tack Back Tank: this is airy and see-through, which for the Florida sunshine is perfect! I need light clothes.

Chloe Seamless Sports Bra: straps are great, and I like the removable cups. I got a small, but probably could use a Medium for next time. Removable cups don’t wash well, so I take them out all together. Otherwise you can hand wash to keep them in place.

Seamless 7/8 Legging: the mesh is great for air and keeping cool. The fabric is also soft, yet thick and great quality.



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Two: A New Healthy Cookbook.

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing pretty and healthy recipes! The cookbook must have healthy recipes of course, which will motivate you to cook and bake new and delicious recipes that fall into your eating plan! New motivation is so important. Here are some healthy cookbooks I love! Also, if you don’t want to buy anything, start pinning healthy recipes you want to try, and let yourself try them at the end of each week! Maybe its a healthy cheesecake or mashed potato. Something you’ve been craving, but want to try a new, lighter version. This is a great way to keep you motivated to eat healthy!

Here are some beautiful and healthy cookbooks you might like!


Three: Take A New Fitness Class!

As a mom, it is difficult for me to commit to regular classes with the kids, but I can get myself to one class for fun! I don’t have regular childcare, and my kids aren’t in school yet, so taking one new fitness class is exciting for me! I have my eyes on classes like SUP Yoga, Pilates/Barre classes and other dance classes I know will spice up my workouts and encourage me to keep going and staying fit! Maybe a new class isn’t up your alley, but a new app like Noom is! I’m thinking about trying and reviewing here soon to let you all know what I think.

Tired of healthy eats and workouts? The Fourth reward is for you!

Get yourself a makeover at a makeup counter! This one is super fun, and it doesn’t cost much. I try to steer clear of costly rewards because it adds up fast. But, with this, you can head into your favorite makeup counter and ask for a makeover. Choose your favorite product they put on you and get it. I used to work for MAC cosmetics, so I know exactly how this works. As an artist, we take you through your makeup from primer to eye liner and give you all the details on what we use. Then, you are free to think about it, walk away looking fabulous, or purchase something if you love it. Nordstrom artists are great about taking time with you, but I believe most other makeup counters will sit you down with little wait.

Don’t want to head in for a full face? Here are some of my favorite makeup items that add color and sparkle to your bag!

Five: Fresh Flowers

Get yourself and your home some beautiful flowers. I don’t know about you, but I love a fresh bundle of in-season flowers. Its such a small item that is so uplifting. They smell great and brighten up your home, which will brighten your mood and keep you going. I believe that when you put effort into your home, clear space and put flowers on the table, everyone in the home benefits from the positive vibes!

I’d love to hear any more reward ideas you all have to help keep you motivated! Of course there are the standard new clothes, which I think is a given as you are losing the baby weight. But, most of us are just trying to get back into pre-baby clothes, so we aren’t ready to buy a new wardrobe yet. I think the new workout gear is the perfect middle because it allows you to get something new that is useful to working out! As a mom, I’m almost always in workout clothes anyways too.

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