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Breastfeeding and postpartum weight loss are a hot topic for new mamas because balancing milk supply and weight loss can be super tricky. I think it’s safe to say that most mamas would choose a higher milk supply for their babies, rather than losing weight fast, but you really can do both. I’ve gained and lost over 25lbs with each pregnancy, and never had an issue with milk supply because of these 5 things I focused on.

First, Fruit:

I talk a lot about how fruit helps me in my free ebook, The Six Skinny Secrets To Losing The Baby Weight. I go into more details on how I’ve managed to lose the baby weight and keep it off after three babies now. Part of that is focusing on healthy fruits. Apples, oranges, citrus, berries, grapes…whatever your favorite is really. Snacking on fruit while breastfeeding provides your body with lots of nutrients, satisfies your sweet cravings, and the fiber and water content in the fruit helps fill you up. If you eat an apple and some berries before a meal, you will have a harder time eating a lot because your stomach is full of water and fiber. Fruit has so many wonderful nutrients, your body will feel fantastic and function optimally because you are filling it with whole, healthy food.

Second, Protein Powder:

I talk a lot about protein powder here on the blog, specifically this brand, because its super clean, full of milk-boosting nutrients, and protein is so important for weight loss. It helps save your muscle, which tends to also get lost with fat. It also keeps your metabolism running faster because it is harder to break down. It costs more energy to digest. Protein powder is just a lot easier and tastier for me personally, and smoothies really help me get in a lot of nutrients, feel satisfied and give my body everything it needs to shed weight while producing a lot of milk. Check out some of my smoothie bowl recipes, and grab a sample pack of my favorite, Ideal Raw Protein powder with a $10 gift card to see if you like it! Or, I have a special 20% Ideal Raw Protein with code RAWPRO that saves tons, and it’s already completely affordable.

What To Look For in A Protein Powder + The Best Ones For Weight Loss

How To Get A Trainer, for A Fraction of The Cost (less than $6 a Month!)

Third, Walking:

This may seem too simple, but honestly, walking an hour a day is so good for you, especially postpartum. Doing short, HIIT workouts or 30 minutes of some kind of body-weight workout is good, but it won’t burn the fat you need. Those short workouts that fatigue your muscles build muscle, but they don’t burn a lot of fat. Walking for an hour or more is going to get you into a fat-burning zone and burn more calories. Running is even better if you can get yourself to start running. I finally started running again after 5 years off. It was hard, but I have my 5 tips to help in this post. Running/jogging for 45 minutes burns fat and calories, and if you keep yourself at a slower pace, so you aren’t literally sucking for breath and dying, you won’t compromise your milk supply. Your heart will get stronger, but overall the workout isn’t as strenuous as something like a HIIT. This is what I focus on while breast feeding, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see all my running stories and photos of our adventures in our stroller.

Fourth, Milk Boosting Helpers:

One of my most popular posts on this blog is one I wrote about increasing milk supply. I know lots of tricks to keep your supply up and one of them is Fenugreek tea. I drank this stuff while I was still pregnant, to help my supply before any of my babies arrived. This tea is fantastic! It works really well for me, and I don’t really like the taste, so I mix it with some almond milk and stevia. Other milk helpers or boosters that I love are the Stork Liquid Gold,

Birth Song Botanicals Let There Be Milk Best Lactation Liquid – with Fenugreek and Goats Rue

Detox Genie Goat’s Rue Mommy’s Milk Increased Breast Milk Boost Lactation Aid Breastfeeding Herb Powder Veggie Capsules

Motherlove More Milk Two Alcohol-Free Organic Herbal Breastfeeding Supplement for Lactation Support, 2 oz Liquid Tincture

Giving your body the nutrients, herbs and vitamins it needs to produce milk really helps! Don’t be afraid to try a couple different products to see what really helps you. Fenugreek worked really well for me. I also have some great recipes I love that are healthy treats, all focused on increasing your milk supply.

Protein Powder Recipes For Milk Supply and Postpartum Weight Loss

Fifth, Caring for Your Core:ย 

Many times, mamas don’t think they are losing weight because their core isn’t repaired, and they develop Diastis Recti. I have a small bit of it, with an umbilical hernia. I talk all about it in this post. Sometimes we can think we aren’t losing weight, because our tummy stays flabby, but in all reality we have lost weight, but our core is in need of some serious help. I just got a new pelvic floor and core program I will be reviewing soon and linking up here. I was contacted by the owner of the company after she saw my story on Instagram how I totally peed my pants after a run. So embarrassing! I purchased her plan, and am going to give it a full-on review after I complete the steps, and I can’t wait to share! There are a lot of workouts you can find for your core postpartum on Youtube to get you started. That is super important to your weight loss journey because our stomach muscles get totally destroyed and stretched out with pregnancy!

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  1. What pelvic floor rehab are you going to try?! After my first pregnancy I had the same exact problem running (eh motherhood huh?) And religiously did a phenomenal pelvic floor rehabilitation DVD and it worked wonders! I’ve thought about reviewing it before but haven’t gotten around to it yet, it was an amazing help. Wondered if it’s the same program? And thanks for the great codes for your favorite protien powder, I have yet to try but it sounds wonderful!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      The program I just grabbed was introduced to me by a friend, and she said it helped her tremendously! It’s a super affordable, digital download called, “Body After Birth” By Amanda Fisher, DPT. I am JUST starting it, but she did give me a discount code for all my readers! JOY20 for 20% off, and it’s only $17 to begin with I believe! I will keep you updated on how it works for me!

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