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Breastfeeding was a huge priority for me with my first baby, and I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed successfully, with a healthy supply, all my babies. I am still breastfeeding my 16-month-old, more because it’s easier than necessity. I even started working on my milk supply in my last few weeks of pregnancy. There were just a few items I really suggest to help you with your milk supply and breastfeeding, that you should have ready to go.

If you are thinking about having a natural birth, but unsure, check out this class! If I had this class, I think I would’ve been much more prepared for my unexpected natural births! I was not ready when the epidural didn’t work and my second and third babies came so fast. My friend and labor nurse put it together, and she is amazing.

Moving into the 6 most important items I used to make breastfeeding simple and successful!

Mother’s Milk Tea:

This tea was miracle tea to keep my breast milk supply nice and high. There are lots of products that can help you do this, and I’ve mentioned them all in this post. There are some great foods you can eat to help too. I noticed the biggest difference when I drank this tea, and I would even start drinking it in the last few weeks of pregnancy to really ensure that my colostrum would come in ASAP. I’ll link a few more tea options that readers have told me they had good luck with as well. The main ingredient is the fenugreek that seems to really do the trick!


Manual Pump:

These are so handy to have, and easy to use. My sister and i also highly suggest the manual pumps to help get more milk out. You can read more about our tips to increase milk supply fast. My sister breastfed twins for over a year, while working part time, so she knows a lot about supply and pumping. Read more in this post. You may also want to check out this online course Pumping 101.

A Great Postnatal Protein Powder: 

Protein powder has been extra helpful for me and breast milk supply. I LOVE a sweet, decadent shake, and I have the best protein powder ever. It is seriously so good for you, free of chemicals and has lactation-boosting ingredients. It is also super helpful for losing the baby weight, which is of course on everyone’s mind once baby arrives. This protein powder offers specific nutrients for postpartum mamas, lactation herbs, clean ingredients, and it helps to stop sugar cravings with specific minerals and ingredients like cinnamon bark. You can grab your first order with 10% off code: LACTATION

Lactation Cookies:

These lactation bites by Majka are my absolute favorite. They are full of only good ingredients, and nothing too sugary or bad for you. I highly recommend a nutritious lactation bite, rather than cookie because of the unwanted sugar in most of the lactation cookies out there. These are perfect to have in your hospital bag to snack on during or after delivery.

Breastfeeding Tanks:

You will need lots of these in the beginning because of all the leakage happening. You can use these milk catchers to help save the milk that releases on one side, while you are nursing the other. The disposable nursing pads work well for when you are out and about, and the milk comes down without any warning, but you will find that extra tanks are super helpful for the lack of time and energy to do laundry!

On a side note, before I get to the last item, I want to mention something that often happened to me. I would wake up in the night and start breastfeeding the new baby, then realize I have to go to the bathroom, but be stuck nursing…and it was super hard to hold it after delivery for quite some time. So, you can get extra disposable underwear and pads just to be prepared for some possible accidents, and don’t feel embarrassed if you do!  I talk more about some of these type of items you will want to stockpile before baby if you need some direction on that too. Anyways, moving into the fifth item on my list!

Neck Pillow:

I had the boppy pillow, and never ended up using it much. My sister loved it for her twins, but I found a neck pillow to be so much better. Sitting up to feed the baby in the night is exhausting. Being able to does off while doing so is glorious. I highly recommend this for the hospital too, as you will be so very tired. You don’t get to sleep at all because the nurses come in to check you, give you medicine and so on all night. You can’t sleep well on those beds, and you will be sitting up as you start breastfeeding and getting the baby to latch. A neck pillow can really help you just get a little extra sleep and comfort.

These are the items that make breastfeeding easier for me! As I am slowly weaning my third baby, I am so happy I’ve been able to successfully breastfeed him for over a year now, and my other two I did the same! Please, let me know if there are any products that have really helped you in your breastfeeding journey!

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