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You don’t have to be a mom to know that breastfeeding can be challenging at times. Breastfeeding can save you money and time, but can also be difficult to do in public or when you are away from home.The hardest part of nursing a baby for me was figuring out how to make it work in the first few weeks. I’ve been there and done that and I want to help. Here are my 8 favorite breastfeeding tips for the new mom.


  1. Nursing Bra

    Having a good nursing bra can make all the difference when trying to nurse in public or in the middle of the night. Wearing a supportive and comfortable nursing bra keeps your breast tissue and ligaments supported under the extra weight of the milk they carry. Different types of nursing bras are sold in stores and online which can benefit the different situations you can find yourself attempting to breastfeed in. I recommend trying on different styles and fabrics keeping in mind you will want to wear one to bed each night. These nursing bras can be clasp closures from the top or open pocket style. Both have their benefits for breastfeeding mothers, so you might want to consider having several of each on hand. 


  1. Nursing Top

    Your wardrobe isn’t complete without a couple of go to nursing tops that are easy side open or flap open options for ease of use. Some offer a flap that covers below the breast and others attach at the shoulder. Each has a unique look and functionality that can be handy when breastfeeding in public, at night in bed, or when out on the go. Given the opportunity, I would recommend purchasing a staple collection of basic fashionable styles – possibly in solid colors, that can be easily intermixed with various outfits, jackets, and accessories to make a complete look and a functional breastfeeding wardrobe. 


  1. Nursing Cover-Up

     There can be a lot of reasons to carry a nursing cover-up with you wherever you go. The creativity of nursing moms never ceases to amaze me. I’ve seen them use a breastfeeding cover-up for feeding a baby, twins, a baby and toddler at the same time, for shading the baby from the sun when it’s sleeping, and even to lay the baby down on the grass for tummy time at the park. They are handy if you need to quickly feed the baby in the car, at the store, in the theater, at a restaurant, while visiting friends or family, or in other public places and situations. 


  1. Lanolin Nipple Cream

    This nourishing nipple ointment is hypoallergenic and safe to use while nursing your baby. Breastfeeding can be so rough on tender nipples and Lanolin nipple ointment can keep your nipples moist, soothed and bring relief of becoming dry or cracked for all the sucking motion while the baby is nursing.

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  1. Increase Hydration

    It can be hard to remember what your body needs when you are running on little sleep and still getting used to this new bundle of joy that seems to have taken over your home and your life in record time. Be assured if you keep that water glass filled up often throughout the day, your body will be sure to thank you through easier output in the milk department. Keeping a glass of water next to you when you are nursing is helpful to maintain the levels of hydration needed for consistent milk flow production. Drinking more water is always a great idea for breastfeeding moms.


  1. Warm Shower

    If you are feeling too full with milk during the first few weeks and need to release a little pressure, but don’t have a pump – try taking a warm shower to gently help the milk release and drip some excess out. Having a relaxing shower can also provide stress relief and re-energize you since being a new mom can have its trials that drain your energy quickly. 


  1. Relaxing Music

    One of my favorite things while breastfeeding was the opportunity to steal away to our quiet nursery room and gently rock the baby while nursing and listening to some of my favorite soothing music or sound scapes. Ocean sounds, nature sounds, birds in the meadow, and other soothing music styles were very relaxing and helpful in keeping my mind and body at ease while trying to nurse. Breastfeeding can go much more smoothly for you if you can remember to stay loose and relaxed while holding the baby and nursing it. If your arms or shoulders are tight and stuff, the baby can sense that and will not be as comfortable latching on and suckling the breast. It is very important to find something such as the soothing sound scapes or musical styles that can help you be at ease while breastfeeding. 


  1. A Good Breast Pump

    Very early into your breastfeeding adventure, you’ll find you have a lot to learn and not much time to do it in. Having a few helpful tips like these can be immensely helpful in speeding up that learning curve and getting the kind of results you need when nursing the baby. Purchasing a good functional breast pump is an absolute must for any breastfeeding mother. Keep in mind that a single pump or dual pump is a personal choice, so you may want to do more research or ask your OB what they recommend for you to use. Utilize the benefits from pumping the breasts between feedings to stimulate a larger milk supply and bring relief if the baby fell asleep while nursing and didn’t finish off one of the breasts. 


  1. Milkology: Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

    This is a much-needed supportive community providing all sorts of courses and learning methods for mastering the art and bond that is breastfeeding your child. Their services bring such great value and encouragement for both new moms and seasoned moms alike who just need some extra help getting their new baby to latch on more securely, and other issues that can arise when nursing a little one. 


There are always going to be a variety of reasons you might want to throw in the towel and quit nursing, but there are so many more positive reasons NOT to quit! Just remember to bookmark this page and refer to these tips for staying positive about your choice to breastfeed and knowing there are a lot of helpful tips out there to bring relief and make breastfeeding worth the effort.

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