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So, I’ve mentioned a few times in my post, I am a new blogger. I am just shy of 6 months blogging very part time. As in, I have a 6 month old baby, two toddler boys, no steady nanny and we’ve moved across country…so let’s just say my blog gets the short-end of the stick when it comes to attention.

**EDIT! I signed up without realizing that AdBuff requires an average of 2k pageviews per day. I was able to get the accunt going, insert ads and build some income, then to have them close my account. As of last month, I exceed their requirements, so I am resigning up! 

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BUT, every decision I make is a push forward to bring in income and better monetize. I was told that Adsense was the best way to go for monetizing your blog through ads. I signed up, and my site was approved. Then I looked around and tried to figure it out, and I really don’t have hours to learn it. If something doesn’t make sense immediately for me, I just don’t have the bandwidth right now to figure it out.

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So, my blog sat with no ads for a while, and I just put it on the back burner. Then, after reading another income report from another blogger, I saw how much extra they were making from ads, and I realized that not having some ads were silly. So back to the researching I went. I discovered some lists of other networks to use to implement some click ads on your blog. I read and reviewed a few, and I chose Adbuff. This is my referral link, but I’m only telling you about Adbuff because it’s actually working, and if you sign up, then you will have an opportunity to offer referrals as well!

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Let’s Start Your Blog and Make Money Now By Doing What I Should’ve Done

In the blogging world, anything with an affiliate link is gold, if you like it. Well, Adbuff is actually working because it was easy for me to figure out and put ads right where I want them.

I am literally writing this post just days after implementing it because I’m already almost to two dollars, with the ads in only 5 PLACES! I haven’t even begun to put them in more than three blog posts…I have a lot of posts I still need to add them too. If you think about that, I will already be at around $30 a month with the adds in my side bar, footer and three posts…the projection for increase on that is great! (I’ll come back to this post to update the income after my first full month of using them!).

And, my traffic has dipped dramatically this week because we just moved this week, and we are waiting on our furniture to arrive, among all sorts of other things, so I’ve been slacking on the manual pinning method that brought in my first viral pin!

Anyways, to see some substantial money coming in from just a few ads is really motivating for when my traffic goes back up, and I take more time to put the ads in.

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When you do sign up, you will add your site and create your account. Then, when you log back in (the one thing I don’t like, is they have a super secure log in that takes too long in my opinion), go to SITES tab at the top, then scroll down to your site and click MANAGE. That will take you to where you can find your codes for your ads.

It took me a minute to find that, so I want to save you some time! After you click manage, you will click on AD TAGS to get the code for the size of the ad you want. Just insert the code into your posts, side bar, footer or header and you are good to go!

(if you use Wordpress, when you paste the iframe code into your post, do it from the “text” view, not the “visual,” and it will insert properly). So, head to Adbuff and get yourself started! Feel free to email me with any questions too!

Get Started with Adbuff

Related: Why Every Mom Needs To Start a Blog + Super Easy Way To Start A Wordpress Blog

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  1. Oh my goodness I am totally going down the rabbit hole on your website. Love it! Sorry for all the comments. I’m sure you don’t mind. I’ve been blogging for 6 months now and I really need to change my game a little bit!

  2. Great tips! I was signing up for AdBuff through your link but on the sign-up requirements it says you have to have “at least 2,000 uniques per day”. Does that mean page views? Thank you!!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      I just found this out the hard way! I signed up, starting making money, then they told me that my traffic wasn’t high enough. But, I am now up to around that number, so I am going to make an edit in the post letting everyone know it does require 2k visits per day! I believe it means your pageviews in Google Analytics. I was disappointed because AdBuff is way simpler than Adsense, and it was super easy to insert the ads!

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