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“Hey, Ladies! I want to know what you do to earn money. I am looking for ideas. TIA!”

How many times have you seen that question come up in a Facebook group or MeetUp?

Like you, many moms are looking to earn extra income to help supplement the home, have a cushion, or pay for extracurricular activities.

You scour old articles, ads, pages, and search results that make your eyes cross and your head hurt.

There are so many things out there!

Here are some work-at-home jobs that you may not have thought of for yourself.

Writing Services

WAHM job

Bloggers, editors, copywriters, and proofreaders are in high demand! Not only does it allow you to lend the flare that you have for communication, but you also glean tips, tools, tricks, and practices that you can use in your home. It can also be very entertaining and give you the creative outlet that you need to release the stresses of the day, laugh at something other than those “how in the world did you” situations, and earn money while doing it.

Let’s face it—people are busy! People with businesses are busy! People with businesses and families are busy! That’s where you come in because you are a stress reliever for them, so why not let them know you’re there.

10 to 20 hours a week is the norm for jobs like these. However, they can go longer than that depending on the job. For example, editing a book takes more time than doing ten blog articles with research.

The fact that you can make $30-100/hour works! It’s all about positioning yourself in front of the right people.

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Virtual Assistants

Setting appointments, managing calendars, cleaning up emails, posting to social media, making travel arrangements –these are all things that you do for yourself that you can make money doing for someone else! There are people out there who pay and pay WELL for someone to make sure that they haven’t double booked or overcommitted themselves.

Whether it’s an author looking to schedule book signings at local bookstores or a budding entrepreneur who is getting their legs under them, there is ROOM for you to flex your virtual muscles and make money.

You can charge by the hour or by the month if you so choose, and the going rate is about $18/hour.

WAHM Virtual Assistance

Online Teacher/Tutor

If people drool over what you’re able to teach your kids because of the background you have, leverage that! In these uncertain times, people are looking for resources to keep them sane, and YOU can be that resource, especially at a minimum going rate of $20/hour.

With the proper setup and solid plan, you can help yourself and many other mothers to keep going!

You can work for a company like VipKid or strike out on your own via Zoom or an outlet like Outschool—the possibilities are endless. Also, you can sell your lesson plans, games, etc., through Etsy or even TeachersPayTeachers.

The point is that parents and educators alike are looking for what you have, so let them know you’re ready, willing, and able to help.

Life Coach

Yep, even this is a possibility!

Do people come to you for advice, and said advice works?

When people call you, do they say something like, “You don’t have to say anything. I just need to get this out”, and then tell you what a good listener you are?

Do you find yourself saying, “I wish there were a way I could make money from this”?

Consider becoming a life coach and tapping into a $2 billion industry! On average, a life coach makes $28/hour per client, and you can specialize in ANYTHING at all!

Like to cook and meal plan? You can be that kind of coach!

Got a good handle on budgeting, saving money, and finding deals? People need you!

There is someone out there for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try!

Home or Office Organization and Design

Home or Office Organization and Design

There are moms out here making money by helping people rearrange closets and kitchen cabinets to make them more functional, and you can be one of them!

The system you have can work in someone else’s with a few simple tweaks and changes that fit their needs and lifestyle.

At a going rate of $24/hour per client, this could be a viable way for you to save up money for those special family trips you want to take, and it could give you ideas of how to change things around in your own home in the future.

Be it interior design or simply changing the furniture in the room around, you can open someone’s home and give them a new lease on life, even if only for a moment.

Graphic and Web Design

While these two are different, they can go hand in hand, depending on the project. For example, if you offer social media graphics to your client and they are planning to build a website you can create their branding and help them set up their website if this goes with your skillset.

In the age of social media algorithms, building your own brand image can help someone’s mission and message to reach the millions in their target audience.

At the rate of $32-36/hour per client, you could build your family’s savings AND have regular MomME Days in the process.

graphic designer

Listen– no matter what path you choose, know that there is SOMETHING out there for you to do, even if you must blaze your trail and create something yourself!

Stay-at-home moms make money in various ways every day, and you can, too.

If you still need help, ask your Mom Circle what they see you are good at and start there!

You CAN do it!

It WILL work!

You’ve got this!

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