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I am full of lust for those Instagram accounts that have amazing, professional, bright and happy photos. I follow them because of pure love for a great photo. I guess I am actually not one of those moms who is always taking photos of everything everywhere. You would think it might be the opposite because of all the photos I post on my own Instagram, but I am actually very intentional about when, where and how I photograph. It is very important to me that I am present with my children, and they don’t feel like they are always on camera. I also just have a lot of photos in the post to show you what I am talking about. That’s easier for me to explain.

I have a method of how I set up my photo opts, which I talk about in my eBook. It allows me to gather a lot of candid, creative and on-theme photos that brands love, while also being able to purely live in the moment with my family – no camera. (That sounds like I am some sort of celebrity, but all you Instagrammers and bloggers know what I mean!). I put together a list of the best places to get those irresistible shots. The ones that pull in comments and likes, as well as get you noticed by brands. If you are very serious about using your account to work with brands, I think you would love my eBook. I’ve worked with brands as a very small account both paid and exchange for product. There are times you may want to accept a product, and other times you want to be paid. I also give you my exact pitch to a brand to land a paid post, which I show you. Read this post, then go check out my book! If you follow me on Instagram, I give you a code for 50% off! Just DM when you follow me you want the code! Please feel free to send me a DM or email to ask me questions. I will honestly let you know if I think the book is a good fit for you.

Hit The City:

This is a place I am still working on gathering more photos because it’s difficult with kids to wrangle them in the midst of busy public places, but the city-scapes with pretty shops, fountains and side-walks make some amazing backdrops for photos. You also have a lot of options in terms of shops, malls, coffee shops and restaurants that usually have seating for a great photo outside in the natural light, or lots of windows. Here’s some things to look for when headed to your city. These are great items you want in the backdrop of your photos.

  1. Beautiful walls/architecture
  2. Views of water/bridges
  3. Fountains/statues
  4. Coffee shops/Ice Cream Shops/ Restaurants


Fields and Farms:

Obviously for me, heading to the city with three little boys doesn’t work that great, but there are still a lot of other great photo spots, including fields and farms. If you live somewhere where you can easily access a large field, they actually make for great photo backdrops. The offer a nice wide landscape, which allow your subjects to stand out. Farms are fabulous as well. Usually, you can get two in one with a farm and a field. Fields are pretty straight forward. Just look for large amounts of grass. Farms, on the other hand, can have a lot to offer when it comes to photos! In my eBook, I talk more about what types of photos to take, but overall, you want to keep a large background with very little distraction. Distraction is another thing I talk about. Do not allow for anything distracting because it is heightened in the photo. I talk more about this in the book as well. Look for:

  1. Fences
  2. Old trucks/wheels
  3. Long driveways
  4. Animals, like horses or goats or chickens

These all provide great photo opportunities. Just take a look at some of mine below!


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Pools/ The Beach:

With summer here, you may be able to get to a local public pool, a friends pool or just hop a fence…just kidding, but maybe you would. Pools are really beautiful backdrops for photos on Instagram. I talk about specific marketing statistics in my book concerning which colors and types of photos are gonna get you more engagement and followers, and let’s just say a pool and the beach should be one of your top places if you can. The beach might be harder because you could be hours and hours away. But, a pool might be more of a possibility. There’s not a whole lot to look for when you go to the beach or a pool either, which makes it much simpler than the city or a farm. Here are some of the shots I’ve gotten at the pool and the beach to hopefully inspire you.

Walls, Fences + Doorways:

As I peruse through the Instagram accounts that I follow, I notice how great just a wall, fence or doorway can do for a photo. Sometimes the basic, light backdrop of a wall is perfect, while other times the symmetry of a front door is great too. It all comes down to your goal with the photo, but one thing you can do is watch for walls, fences and doors when you are out and about. That’s what I do! I usually take note of where I saw it, then when I am in my photo-mode, I plan to go back there. You can really accomplish a lot of authentic photos when you do some planning, which enables you to get better quality photos, as well as stay within the aesthetic of your feed. If you don’t know what I mean by the aesthetic of the feed, I really recommend looking into my book. I talk about how important that is, and how to practically achieve it without being a photographer.

Anyways, the easiest way for me to explain why these are good photo spots is to just show you! Here are some of my photos with walls, fences and doorways!



Neighborhoods usually have pretty, tree-lined sidewalks, nice landscaping and doorsteps, if you don’t mind just snapping a photo of yourself in front of someone’s front door. I haven’t done that yet, but I’ve been tempted. The streets are usually quieter, so you can stop and take photos with your tripod, like I do. The lawns are maintained, and it just offers a nice backdrop. I’ve done a few photos in our neighborhood, as well as other neighborhoods I’ve visited. Depending on the style of your account, you might want to find one that looks good and go on in. For me, I document more of what we actually do, rather than say a fashion account, where it’s important to find great places to accentuate an outfit. You have to think about the type of account you are. Mine is a mom/lifestyle account that documents are actual activities, so I don’t visit random neighborhoods just for a photo, but for your account, it might be just what you need! Here are a couple of my neighborhood shots.


Those are my top places for Instagram photos. I hope this helps you learn to look for the right spots to get those great shots! I’ve also got lots more Instagram tips:

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