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Instagram is my favorite social media outlet because I love taking photos. I am infatuated with the beauty around me, and I want to capture and enhance it. Instagram is also one of the most important profiles for moms and bloggers. Moms capture their memories, and bloggers tell their stories. Did you know that blog articles with more images are more likely to be shared? The stat states that articles with photos every 75-100 words were shared twice as much on social media, That means, if you’re a blogger, your images need to be on-point and plenty. Whether you are a mom looking to take better photos of your kids, or a blogger wanting to up your Instagram quality, these are the articles and tips that I found most helpful to improve the quality of my photos.

I also have a ton of my own tips and tricks on taking photos, editing photos, how to connect with brands, the outlook for micro-influencers, and basically the overall guide to building an irresistible and authentic Instagram following in my eBook. Please check it out, I think it will really help you if you want to grow you Instagram and connect with brands, build an audience and make a prettier, more cohesive feed.

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The Only Two Photography Tips You Need by Rebecca Jacobs

was a huge help for me! She goes over how to set up a beautiful, naturally lit photo area with just a poster board, window and mirror. The breaks down her photo space and walks you through editing the light.

Everything I’ve Learned About Being My Own Blog Photographer by Merrick’s Art:

She uses her tripod to photograph herself! This is my goal, to get better at setting up equipment, so I am not dependent on having someone else photograph content. This is also really important for mom bloggers because your Instagram feed will be more successful. In my ebook coming March 15th, I talk more about how to capture yourself with your children, and why that’s important. Her tips here are also super great!

What if you only have 200 followers? Well I’ve got a great ebook out that will help you get to 1k by improving the aesthetic and photo quality of your account. Many over look  that aspect of Instagram, thinking if you follow and engage, as your main focus you will encase your followers, but people are on Instagram to see pretty pictures. You shouldn’t ignore that’s the main point of Instagram. My book is full of all the tips you need to know about making a cohesive and aesthetic feed as well as pitch to brands and grow your following! Buy it here 

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The Top 5 Photography Tips for Absolute Beginners:

I love this post for those of you that use a digital camera. It goes over the exposure triangle, the rule of thirds to help you get the right angle and placement for your subjects as well as some other beginner tips and tricks that will set you up to get going with your camera.

How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Feed by Cristina Mandujano :

I love this article because it’s almost like a teaser to my eBook. She just touches on a few of the topics I go more in-depth on, and it’s a great starter to help you find inspiration and take photos that will gather more likes and look prettier on your Insta!
Well there ya have it. My little round up of posts that helped me improve my photos and Instagram feed.


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  1. This is a great post. I’ve checked out all the other articles and they will help me a great deal with my photography. I already have a tripod now I need to figure out the remote part and some angles and lighting. Thanks for posting this.

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      I finally figured out remote shooting, where I can use the cannon app on my phone, and see what I’m shooting now, it’s great!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      The tripod is so fun! I need to be better about setting mine up while we are on the go because we could get so many fun shots!

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