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Sweating, panting, being practically exhausted, and feeling out of breath are not the way to accomplish trying to lose the postpartum baby weight, or staying in shape with your little one in tow. There are so many fun and affordable ideas and methods to getting fit and staying trim while on the go with a new baby along for the ride. There’s no reason to get bent out of shape (see what I did there!) in the process.

Everything begins with a little ingenuity, spunk, and determination to keep a daily routine that is flexible and can adapt to whatever environment you happen to be in that day. It doesn’t matter whether you are out at a park visiting with some friends who have little ones playing on the playground, or if you have to meet an executive client for lunch. You can find unique ways to work in some toning and aerobic activity along the way to meet your daily calorie-busting needs and tighten up those sagging muscles after pregnancy.

Check out these ideas for enjoying time with your baby and still getting in some good exercise: Before we get into the list of neat activities to try working out with your baby, I want to explain the benefits of working out with your little one while wearing them against your chest in a sling, or having them in a baby carrier with you. Allowing your infant to be right next to you during your workout adds up to more than just saving money on a sitter, or not having to pay to go to a gym.

This special time creates a stronger connection for you and your baby to enjoy activities together that will make them giggle with delight as you smile and laugh together, and while you talk with your little one while doing your workout. They will adore the sensations of all the varied movements and should stay stimulated and alert engaging with the actions and music, or in hearing the sound of your voice throughout the workout time. 


  • Pumping your legs on the swings at a playground while holding a baby in a sling in front of you ( babywearing )
  • Going on a daily jog while pushing your baby in a jogging stroller (this is the one I used)
  • Performing a variety of aquatic exercises in the pool while holding your baby and enjoying that quality bonding time in the process 
  • Wearing ankle weights to add some resistance when taking your daily walk outside for fresh air and sunshine, or when just walking around the house doing daily chores, this is a great pair of ankle weights.
  • Taking a yoga mat outdoors for strengthening and stretching yoga exercises can be very beneficial to enjoy some of the natural outdoor environment while practicing controlled breathing, stretches with a yoga scarf or rope, restoring mental awareness, relieving unnecessary stress, creating a calmer state of mind, building strength in the arms, legs, shoulders, hamstrings, and even achieving lower back relief.  
  • Chatting and catching up with a close friend while you both walk your babies in strollers or a sling in front of you as you walk for at least a mile at a brisk pace daily 


  • Try doing leg lifts from a chair with your baby on your legs or lap for added resistance and enjoyment for both you and your little smiley bundle of joy 
  • Attempt doing squats while holding a baby in a sling and then switch to lunges, arm circles, walking in place, and other forms of low-impact cardio exercise 
  • Choosing to take the stairs when at an office building (when appropriate while carrying the baby in a sling or carrier) instead of the elevator can build endurance, and leg strength, improve breathing, and increase heart rate for a healthy amount of time 
  • Using hand weights to lift in one hand while feeding the baby in the other (the dumbbells I use are in this article)
  • Use the power of resistance bands to rebuild strength and tone muscles in your arms and legs with your baby in a sling, so they can feel the gentle movements and motions as you rock to and fro doing the exercises and seeing your face 
  • Try out some aerobic dance exercises, or yoga by watching a video on Youtube, on DVD, or from some other streaming service while baby is on an infant floor mat getting belly time, or strapped in a bouncy seat watching you exercise getting to bounce up and down excitedly as they hear you talk to them and engage them in conversation while you work out 

It’s also extremely valuable to make the effort to do baby aerobics or exercises with your little one. Exercise for your infant is a very important component of your baby’s development and improving their motor skills. All the daily activities you do with your little angel can assist with their ability to gain the necessary strength in their neck and upper body to help with eventually sitting up, or for the start of crawling and rocking. Other actions and exercises will help grow stronger leg muscles to assist with learning to crawl and walk. Your child’s development physically is partly affected by how often you focus on giving them tummy time and doing specific playtime exercises that will build their body strength and coordination over time. 

Whatever creative combination of exercises and toning activities you choose to do for you and your baby, remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. You may also want to incorporate a way to journal, or document the daily activities you accomplish, so you can track the progression of your active lifestyle and take notice of which areas of the body are not getting enough toning, or daily exercise. Make sure to rotate the parts of the body that you are focusing on throughout the week for the best overall health and wellness. 

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