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After three babies, I’ve learned how to lose the baby weight fast, without compromising my milk supply in any way, and in fact, I was able to keep up a healthy milk supply while dropping the baby weight quickly. The fastest way to lose the baby weight isn’t a strict, low-calorie diet or lots and lots of intensive exercise. The fastest way to lose the baby weight is to focus on a few very important things that will help you with losing the baby weight and protecting your milk supply. I developed a program and app that walks mamas through eating correctly to lose the baby weight, while also ensuring you are eating enough nutrients to support a healthy milk supply. I also put together an Ab Rehab and Pelvic Floor Restore Program that heals your body after baby, in addition to amazing, quick workouts to burn calories and tone muscles after 6-weeks postpartum.

Losing the baby fast involves 5 major focus points that can dramatically speed up weight loss in a healthy way! Let’s go over those points, and how they each helped me lose the weight, not my milk.


This is truly the fastest and the safest way to lose the baby weight without losing your milk supply. I believe in food as a wonderful tool for your body to function at its best. I also know that for busy mamas, getting in the right nutrition is so hard!! In my meal plan and program, I highly recommend morning smoothies with this protein powder because it is safe, clean and FULL of nutrient dense foods. Just watch my video where I explain more details on the ingredients and why I love it. Products like this protein powder, because they are made with superior attention to detail and quality (I know, I talked with the CEO!), you can trust that you are putting in a wonderful source of protein. Protein is essential to put in your body, but getting the right amount of clean protein is hard. Smoothies are DELICIOUS, fast and easy. I have a round up of my favorite protein shakes that are also lactation shakes here! 

Believe me when I tell you that eating nutrient-dense foods will help your body feel safe, and let go of fat. The purpose of stored fat during pregnancy is to produce breast milk. Your body won’t do that if it thinks it is in a nutrient-dead-zone, where vitamins, macro and micro nutrients are scarce. If you aren’t sure what nutrient-dense foods are, or feel lost, I highly recommend my full recovery program, or The Postpartum Cure MINI, which is a simple ebook that goes over everything, and how to batch cook healthy foods, exactly what I cook and more, so you can set yourself up for lots of milk and losing the weight. Some foods you can grab RIGHT NOW are berries, apples, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans and protein powder


Walking is amazing for burning fat. It is something you can do with your new baby, or with all the kiddos depending on how many you have. Getting outside for a walk does wonders, and I know from growing up in the PNW that weather can play a major role in your activity level. Whenever possible, walk outside wearing baby, or with the stroller for 45 minutes minimum. I promise you, this will help a lot. If you can, get a lot of good hills in. This works your muscles and your heart. If you can’t get outside, walk around your house for 45 minutes. Put on something to listen too, or march in place while watching your favorite show. Put in some effort, and your rewards will go a long way!


Healing your core and pelvic floor isn’t going to help with fat-loss, but it will help flatten your tummy. This is going to make you look more back to normal, as well as prep your body for more workouts as you heal! I am still frustrated with myself for not spending more time working on my core and pelvic floor, assuming they would go back to normal. NOT THE CASE! They need help after pregnancy and birth, so give them the time they need. Flattening your tummy will make you feel less puffy and lighter, and healing your pelvic floor will eliminate accidents during exercise! I have a full 3-week program within The Postpartum Cure, or you can grab just the Ab Rehab and Pelvic Floor Restore program by itself to get started!


In addition to eating nutrient dense foods as the FOUNDATION of your diet, you want to eat fiber and protein together as much as possible because this makes you feel full! I have a very unique, jump start program in The Postpartum Cure, and part of that program is adding a lot of fruit to your day. Many mamas were so happy at how full they were by adding more snacking on fruit in one of the days, and it teaches a big lesson. Your body will tell you when it is full, and you won’t want to eat more if you are eating the right foods! Your body can only take in so much fiber, water and protein at once, so it is a great way to feel full on lower calorie and nutrient-dense foods. I also teach how ratios on plates and bowls can really help when a meal plan doesn’t work with every day life, and how batch cooking in advance can literally make eating healthy so EASY! By having your favorite foods ready to go, you can always fill your plate with the good stuff, and still enjoy a little of what your family or others are eating. By doing this, you are ensuring you are getting a lot of nutrients, but not totally missing out on some of your favorite foods. An example of eating protein and fiber together are the  protein smoothies I recommend in the morning. These have the frozen fruit which is fiber, and the protein powder blended together. This is the PERFECT combination to keep you full, yet it still isn’t a lot of calories. Eating lower calorie, but high-nutrient foods allows your body to let go of fat. And, guess what?? If you didn’t eat enough calories, you will feel REAL hunger. This is where your body is really needing more energy, not just craving sugar, salt or chemicals.


I know this isn’t something you really want to hear, but this point is mentioned so many times because it is so true. To make it simpler to follow, always drink a full glass before your meal, one during, and one after. If you follow that rule, you will be golden. If you don’t like water, try sparkling water. Sometimes adding some bubbles helps you feel fancier. In the jump start program, I have one day where there is a lot of water intake, and many mamas realize how they don’t drink enough. I know this works because I drink a lot of water. If you are working out and sweating a lot, you need to drink even more. I’ve become used to it now, but I do know it takes some will-power in the beginning. But, if you are serious about losing the baby weight fast, this is a very important step!

The fastest way to lose the baby weight isn’t a strict diet, or elimination plan that will be super difficult to follow or intense. It also isn’t running 5 miles every morning and snacking on celery sticks. By focusing on these 5 key points, you can lose the baby weight fast and safely, without affecting any of your milk supply because your body will feel safe and fully nourished.

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