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I turned  a spare/storage bedroom into a home gym and play space a couple weeks ago. There is a built-in desk corner for working. It really is a happy place that is just mine. There is still some extra furniture and things from that we are storing and need to get rid of, but that’s what spring is about right?

The gym flooring was super affordable from Amazon, I painted quick and cleared it out in just a couple days. I want the space super open. This way we can roll around, jump around and ultimately get lots of activity in. The super hot summer is coming here, so playing inside will be more of a norm for just a few months.

The mirrors were light-weight mirrors I grabbed at Walmart for about $5 a piece. Command strips are being used to hold the mirrors up. I lined the corners, middle and down the sides, and they are holding really well. I slammed some doors and jumped around just to make sure. They really aren’t heavy mirrors, so the Command strips worked great.

My favorite part is the flooring. You can get so many styles and patterns on Amazon, and they come in these big foam tiles that you put together like a puzzle. I got the cheaper and lighter foam tiles because I like to stay on budget. You can go for the more durable, thicker rubber options too, and they are just as easy to put together. The grey one was nice, but then I decided to go for a warmer wood color. There are tons of options on Amazon.

I also needed some space to store my workout equipment like headphones, old running shoes (why do I keep them??), weights, rollers. There is also space for protein powder and some snacks like sparkling water and bananas. I have a calendar to attempt to plan workouts and a letter board for motivation. My favorite protein powder is the Ora Organics. I have recently tried Shakeology, which I am now loving too. More on that in another post.

Here you can see some of the puzzle lines in the floor. I love how soft it is. The boys can roll around and I can do workouts without needing extra padding!

I also made sure we have a nice and loud speaker for music and dance parties or workouts. My Aaptiv workouts are perfect for this.

The toy and kids corner is where I keep special toys, colors and books to keep them entertained.

There is also a built-in desk in the other corner that I am working on next for my office space. It is the typical 1970s desk that totally needs to be revamped, I’m just waiting for the inspiration to hit me! And the time and energy haha!

For now, we have a nice play room/gym where we can get all of our energy out together!

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  1. Hello. Thank you forbthis lost. Can you clarify if you placed the foam tiles over an existing carpet or hard surface floor? Also did you bump the tiles up against the baseboards or raise them up so the flooring could slide underneath them?

    • Autumn Smith Reply

      Hi! Yes, we placed them over the existing hard surface flooring and just butted the tiles up against the baseboard.

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