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This breastfeeding diet plan is free, and will get you started for 5 days, to help you lose the baby weight and ultimately keep your milk supply healthy. Let’s be real. Losing weight is so hard because it happens too slowly. There isn’t the immediate gratification of losing a pound in a couple minutes, so it is extremely difficult to stick to a plan. Results are hard to see, and it ultimately comes down to your nutrition plan, followed by your workouts. Finding the right nutrition plan is super important. It can make or break your goals. I am so passionate about nutrition while healing postpartum and losing the baby weight, I created a full, postpartum recovery program with a complete meal plan and unique recipes that will help you lose the baby weight and keep your milk supply up. I have diastasis recti and pelvic floor work in the program, as well as workouts to help you lose the baby weight after 6-weeks. There are over 60 recipes, and I’ve added some great crock pot recipes for fall and winter. My program is also now available as an APP on both Android and iPhone, which makes following the program, loading the videos and navigating through recipes much easier! I am now a certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, so I also created a 3-week ab-rehab and pelvic floor restore program, so you can heal your tummy while eating healthy and losing the weight! This will also protect your core as you head into the workouts.

In this meal plan, we are keeping it as clean as possible with lots of fiber and protein. The key is to feel full. No one likes to feel hungry after they just ate. If you eat plenty of fiber and protein, we are setting ourselves up for success. I go over simple breakfast options, so you can throw together some food in a hurry. Lunch and dinners options are linked to recipes I love. I think that’s the easiest way to go because these are the foods I focus on. Protein, vegetables and fruit. I don’t have a dessert option because we are looking to lose weight fast. If you want to slow down the process you can go for a healthy dessert, but this is the fast-track meal plan. I also link to some amazing food bloggers, but in my program, I have the recipes super easy to find, and all in the app-like system for you!

Breakfast Options: Feel free to have as much coffee as you need, but keep creamer to a minimum. If using cream, use 1tbs or less. 

Breakfast 1: A protein shake made with my FAVORITE protein powder for breastfeeding mamas. This protein powder is super clean, impeccably created, full of milk-boosting herbs, and it helps with sugar cravings. I have 20 super yummy smoothie recipes, and I highly recommend protein shakes for mamas in the morning because they are quick, easy, and sweet to help with the sugar cravings while breastfeeding. I make my protein shakes with two scoops of this protein powder, a handful of frozen berries, a handful of spinach and almond milk. This is the simplest way to make a super yummy protein shake!

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake with All The Feels of Fall

The 8 BEST Lactation Protein Shakes For Pumping Up Your Milk Supply While Losing The Baby Weight

Breakfast 2: 2 Eggs scrambled with two cups of spinach, onion to taste and half a red pepper. One orange or grapefruit and 2 slices of turkey bacon.

Breakfast 3: 3 Three-ingredient pancakes (2 eggs, one banana and 1/4 dry quick oats) with berries and 2tbs of whipped cream on top. Apple or small fruit of choice.

Breakfast 4: 2 Hard-boiled eggs and one slice of Dave’s Killer Bread toasted with 1/4 avocado sliced on top.

Breakfast 5: Low-fat cottage cheese about 1/2 cup mixed with one peach or  fruit of choice and a small handful of almonds (maybe 8 to 10).

Snacks Options: Eat a snack as soon as a couple hours after breakfast. You don’t want to let yourself get too hungry. If you are hungry just an hour after breakfast, eat part of your snack and save the rest for the next hour to help keep your blood sugar steady. 

Option 1: Large Apple with a cheese stick.

Option 2: 10 Cashews and 10 Chocolate chips mixed with 1/4 cup or so of blueberries. Awesome, fresh and low sugar trial mix.

Option 3: Choose a protein bar under 200 calories that you like the taste and flavor

Option 4: Protein Smoothie with a vanilla protein powder, frozen blueberries and 1/2 a banana. This one is AWESOME for breastfeeding and weight loss.

Option 5: 100 calorie yogurt of choice with one large fruit like apple, pear, orange or another of choice.

Lunch Options:

Lunch 1: Open-face tuna sandwhich. Recipe here from Skinny Taste. 

Lunch 2: Grilled Reuben sandwhich from Skinny Kitchen

Lunch 3: Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos from Eat Yourself Skinny. 

Lunch 4: The Best Zucchini Casserole found on Give Recipe

Lunch 5: Skinny Spaghetti and Meat Balls from Pinch of Yum.

Snacks: If you need a snack to get to dinner, choose one from one of the options above, but try to skip a snack, drink water and get to dinner. 

Dinner Options:

Dinner 1: Chicken Enchiladas Verdes from Skinny Taste

Dinner 2: Skinny Lasagna Rolls by Primavera Ktichen

Dinner 3: Skinny Mexican Chicken Casserole by Betty Crocker

Dinner 4: Skinny Fettucini Alfredo from Gimme Some Oven (go light on the pasta) with Caesar Salad from Food and Wine.

Dinner 5: Chicken and Veggies Stir Fry by Skinny Kitchen

If you can stick to meals like this for 5 days, you are doing pretty good! My program is more in-depth than this one, but this could be the start you need to get on track! I highly recommend working on your core and pelvic floor while focusing on your nutrition, in addition to mixing cardio and weights. I have that all in my program for you, so you can just follow along, and lose the weight quickly and safely!

You always want to add some sort of workout program into your life for more than just weight loss. Your nutrition is really what is going to make you lose weight, but the workouts are going to maintain your muscle, keep your shape and protect your body. There’s a bigger reason to exercise than just weight loss, but if you can’t find the time to fit in workouts, you will still lose weight by sticking you a healthy eating plan.

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  1. Hi! I’m about to have my second baby any day. It has been eight years since we had our first child! I’ve gained much more weight this time around and am definitely not as fit as with my first child, but I’d like for our whole family to start a new chapter by God’s grace <3 I'm very interested in your Postpartum Cure! Is the meal plan detailed and specific for each day? Are the exercises also specific for each day? I'm looking for as much structure as possible so I can follow along yet keep my focus on my family, not having to spend more time thinking about what to eat/workout each day. Thank you!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      Hi! There is a meal plan and recipes in the program, but those that have the most success pick and choose the recipes they know their family or they will like. From there, they eat according to my guidelines, so there is flexibility within the program, as well as an opportunity for structure. It is more a nutrition program, with an exercise program specifically for diastasis recti healing. The rest of the workouts take you through about 2 weeks depending on how often you can fit them in. They are meant to help you build a foundation and burn fat. You can repeat the workouts or continue your fitness journey.

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