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If you’re currently expecting and entering your third trimester, you’re likely reading everything you can about breastfeeding.

Knowing that inspired me to put together a post sharing all the things you need to grab during your third trimester so that you can ensure breastfeeding success!

In my breastfeeding journey, I began to work on my breast milk supply during the last few weeks of pregnancy and I seriously feel it helped me increase my milk supply quickly once the baby arrived.

There are a few different things that you need to have on hand, ready to go before you give birth.

Speaking of birth, if you’re planning to have a natural birth then you NEED to check out this class!  I had unexpected natural births and if I had taken this course before I would’ve been much more prepared.

Okay, let’s check out the top 6 most important things to have on hand during your third trimester to help boost your milk supply quickly once your baby arrives!

The Top Breastfeeding Things To Have On Hand During Your Third Trimester


This tea will help you bring your milk in and ensure that your breast milk supply stays nice and high.

I noticed such an increase in my milk supply that I started drinking it in the last few weeks of a later pregnancy – that’s how much it worked!

My goal for drinking the tea much earlier was to make sure that my colostrum would come in as soon as possible.

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Using a manual breast milk pump is a great way to help your milk supply come in shortly after birth.

The great thing is they are so easy to use!

My sister breastfed twins for over a year while working part-time and she credits a lot of her success to using a manual breastfeeding pump.

You may also want to check out this online course all about manual Pumping – consider it your education!



A good and clean protein powder is a must for breast milk supply!

Add this plant-based protein powder to your lactation smoothies and shakes – it’s the exact one I have used for all of my breastfeeding journeys.

I love it because it’s clean and I can trust the ingredients used.

A bonus? It can help you safely start losing the extra baby weight because it offers specific nutrients for postpartum mamas – things like lactation herbs, and clean ingredients.

I also found it helped me stop sugar cravings which is something I dealt with during my first breastfeeding experience.

You can grab your first order with 10% off code: LACTATION

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These lactation bites by Majka are my absolute favorite.

They are full of only good ingredients, and nothing too sugary or bad for you. I highly recommend a nutritious lactation bite, rather than a cookie because of the unwanted sugar in most of the lactation cookies out there.

These are perfect to have in your hospital bag to snack on during or after delivery.


Breastfeeding tanks are something you will almost live in so you might as well get used to it!

Make sure to grab a lot of them because some of your breast milk supply will leak.

You can use these milk catchers to help save the milk that releases on one side, while you are nursing the other.

These disposable nursing pads work well for when you are out and about, and the milk comes down without any warning, but you will find that extra tanks are super helpful for the lack of time and energy to do laundry!

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I had all the breastfeeding pillows and they are great for supporting the baby while you feed but what you need for YOU is a neck pillow!

Sitting up to feed the baby at night starts to take its toll so being able to doze off is a way to get a bit more rest as a new mama.

This is one suggestion for breastfeeding success you won’t hear anywhere else!!

That wraps up my top breastfeeding picks to grab during your third trimester to ensure nursing success!

Tell me in the comments which product you’re adding to your breastfeeding product checklist!

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