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As a breastfeeding mama, I am a snacker. I literally could just non-stop snack to my heart’s content if I wanted to. There’s not anything wrong with that if your body likes a constant fuel source. Breastfeeding mama usually crave sugar. There are lots of real reasons behind this, and I think snacking is a great way to tame those sugar cravings. Snacks keep our blood sugar from dropping, which is part of the reason we get sugar cravings. With the expenditure of calories from breastfeeding and working out if you are trying to lose the baby weight, to the long nights, it is a perfect storm for the sugar monster.

Here are amazing, high-protein snack ideas to keep you from giving in to the sugar love, and eating a healthy, nutritious diet to keep your milk supply rocking. Diet is key to keeping your milk supply healthy, but if you are trying to lose the baby weight, attempting to diet and reduce calories can be scary. I created a breastfeeding diet program that has been helpful to hundreds of mamas trying to lose the baby weight while breastfeeding. See what other mamas are saying, and more details on the meal plan, recipes, grocery lists, core + pelvic floor repair work, and workouts!

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Low-Sugar Trail Mix:

Trail mix is so easy to make on your own, or grab at the store. The key is to get the ones with lower sugar. Don’t go for the kinds with M&Ms, chocolate-covered peanuts, raisins, raisins, etc. I advise you to make your own with pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut, dried dates, cashews, almonds, and fresh blueberries. Too much-dried fruit can cause gas, and it isn’t meant to be digested without the water content.

Dates aren’t as bad, and they will add more sweetness to the mix. Dark chocolate chips have way less sugar too. Mixed with fresh blueberries, you have yourself an amazing mix that is high in protein, low in carbs, and still tastes sweet. Make lots of baggies and pack them with you!

Popcorn with Coconut Oil and Sea Salt:

Popcorn, freshly air-popped is so good! Have you done the brown paper bag trick? So simple, and you should melt a little coconut oil, or spray some with sea salt. Sea salt is really good for your mineral levels, and coconut oil is full of good fats that go directly to the baby. It’s been proven that the kind of fats you eat go into your breast milk. 

Protein Shake:

I’m in love with shakes because they are such a quick way to get protein and vitamins down in between meals and life. Have you seen these amazing little hand-held, portable blenders?!! Just ordered mine after I saw one on a fitness blogger’s Instagram! Feel free to follow me for some healthy protein-bar recipes, and all my antics trying to run with three kids in a double stroller. It is fun, yet too hard and not fun at the same time. Anyway, I highly recommend this protein powder for breastfeeding mamas. It is the best and tastes delicious. I just used my last bit, and I have to order more. This protein powder has milk-boosting essentials, is chemical-free, full of AWESOME nutrients, and tastes great! Read more on the ingredients in this post, and if you want some other protein powder options, read this post.

Home Made Lara Bars:

I love that these are homemade because you can alter them to be exactly how you want. These Almond Joy ones by One Lovely Life are wonderful for breastfeeding mamas because of the almonds and coconut. Again fabulous fats for your milk! Read more on how to increase the fat content and nutrient content of your milk in this post.

Oatmeal Milk-Boosting Bites:

There are lots of recipes for these out there. I have personally tried this one, But there isn’t any brewer’s yeast in it, so I added some. I made them and put them in a jar for my sister right after she had her baby! Perfect for snacking, and full of protein from the peanut butter. The oatmeal is amazing for milk supply, along with the flaxseed!

Lactation Overnight Oats:

These are great for snacks or breakfast. It depends on how big you like your snacks, but the easy-to-grab nature makes it perfect for healthy snacking too. Here are the main ingredients for a lactation overnight oat base, then you can add little things like dark chocolate, coconut, nuts, or fruit to make it your own.

  • 1/3 cup old-fashioned oats or steel-cut (not instant oats)
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed
  • 1 tbsp brewer’s yeast
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 cup milk (regular, almond, or coconut)

All you do is put everything in a mason jar, seal it, and let sit in the fridge overnight!

Crispy Chick Peas:

These are FABULOUS because you can satisfy that salty, crunchy snack craving and pack these in baggies to go. Chickpeas are wonderful sources of fiber and B-complex vitamins, which help with milk supply. You can make them by just tossing them in some olive oil, throwing them on a baking sheet, and baking for at 400 for about 30 minutes.

Avocado Toast:

Avocados are amazing and toast is amazing. Grab yourself some amazing, high-quality bread like this. Toast it up and throw some avocado slices on top. Quick and easy, and full of nutrients. High in fat and protein, rather than carbs if you choose the right bread.

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