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 I’m so excited to share this recipe because I myself, am gluten free most of the time. My husband, on the other hand, runs away from anything even insinuating organic or gluten free. BUT, this recipe, this sandwich, is so good, he has no clue I make it on my gluten free bread! He loves this recipe, and he will eat it multiple days in a row.  Gluten free is a lifestyle I’ve had for years now, which started when I developed some gut issues, which I’ve talked about a few times now on the blog. It took some diet changes, as well as seeing a naturopath for the right enzymes and supplements to really get better.

Back to the sandwich. I make a few and leave them made, wrapped in foil in the fridge for him to grab. He works from home most days, and when he doesn’t have a lunch meeting, this is what he requests; never even realizing it is totally gluten free and made with Udi’s® New Delicious White Bread OR Udi’s NEW Delicious Multigrain Bread. He likes both white and Multigrain, so either is a good choice. My boys like the white better, so often times, that’s what we have on hand. Being in South Florida, Publix is just down the road, and during the month of March, NEW Udi’s Delicious Bread products ARE ON SALE! . There will be an at-shelf coupon machine featuring an offer for $1 off Udi’s Gluten Free Bread in stores from February 26 to March 28 (while supplies last).

When I first had to switch to a gluten free lifestyle, I thought I would have to give up bread all together. I ended up trying a few brands, and actually being surprised by how much I like the bread. It’s a bit denser in texture, but still very soft for sandwiches. It toasts well, and has a gentle flavor. Udi’s just seems to be the one my whole family likes the best. It’s also a great size. I make two full-sized sandwiches for my husband, and one full-size for my boys who are 3 and 5. Not only is it certified gluten free, but also dairy and nut free. It also has other vitamins and minerals. The sandwich already has loads of meat and cheese, so your man will be super happy with that!

Let’s get to the recipe!


Udi’s New Delicious White Bread OR Udi’s NEW Delicious Multigrain Bread

4 thin slices oven-roasted, deli turkey

4 thin slices deli honey ham

4 cooked pieces of thin-cut bacon

1 slice of tomato

2-3 rounds of red onion

1 slice of provolone cheese

1 slice of cheddar



(Lettuce optional. My guys don’t like lettuce on their sandwiches)

Fries of choice. I bake frozen, seasoned fries


Spread one slice with mayonnaise

Spread the other slice with mustard

Layer the tomato, provolone, cheddar, turkey, ham and bacon on the mayonnaise slice of bread. Add the remaining onions to the mustard side. If you like lettuce, you can add that to the onion side as well.

Put the slices together, and you have your sandwich! I cut in half, serve with fries and a glass of milk.

I also like to make sure there is a little ranch or ketchup for dipping.

He eats it all, every time with no mention of the bread. In his mind, it’s regular bread haha!

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