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If you’ve been searching for a yummy, milk-boosting green lactation smoothie recipe, you’re in for a treat!

I’m sharing my favorite healthy green protein lactation smoothie recipe that I use to boost my milk supply while still safely losing the baby weight.

This healthy lactation smoothie is an absolute must in my breastfeeding diet plan and you should add it to yours too!

What you’ll find in this green lactation recipe are breastfeeding food superpowers!

I love this green lactation shake because it gives all the important nutrients to my body that support a healthy and healing postpartum recovery.

And, if you’re looking to increase your milk supply, this will become your go-to lactation recipe!

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Minty Green Lactation Smoothie Recipe Ingredients

I combine all of the ingredients and use my Ninja big blender – the lactation smoothie is so creamy and it blends really well.

Depending on your blender, you may need to pulse it a few times to really get the spinach to blend in.

The protein powder really helps with the flavor, so add extra if you aren’t a fan of spinach.

That’s what I love about lactation smoothies and shakes – you can adjust the ingredients according to consistency and taste.

All of the ingredients used are seriously breastfeeding superpowers for your milk supply and production.

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That post outlines foods that are great for breastfeeding and will also help you safely lose the extra baby weight if that’s a goal of yours.

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Breastfeeding and postpartum recovery is an important time in your life – make sure that you’re eating foods that will help with your postpartum healing and also with your breastfeeding journey!

If you make this green lactation smoothie can you share a picture of it in the comments?

I love hearing from my readers and sharing in their breastfeeding and postpartum journey!

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