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Mother’s Day is around the corner but this list of faves is great for a holiday gift, birthday, or any special occasion.

I wanted to share with you a list of some of my favorite things that can help you feel a little pampered as a mom. These are great ideas for stay-at-home moms or busy moms working outside the home too, they can give a hard-working mom a little time and space just for them!

These are not big expensive things, they are relatively inexpensive and simple but give mother figures just a little pampering. We pour so much into our families and deserve a practical gift for when we can’t get out of the house for a spa day. Especially as a new mom, these thoughtful gifts can provide a mini reprieve, which is a great way to reset and be able to show up for your baby and family.

Facial Cleansing Device

I have had this for a few years now and I love it!  You can use it with your favorite facial cleanser. Gently deep clean your pores and also use the other side to massage in your serums or night cream. It has several speeds of gentle vibration.

Collagen Sheet mask

collagen sheet masks

These are great for quick relaxation and rejuvenation. Put one on before bed and read for a few minutes, have a cup of tea, or do whatever you do to unwind and you’ve just had a mini facial! Voila!

Foot Peel Mask

foot peel mask

These are weird, I’m not gonna lie. But weird good! They feel great and moisturizing initially, and then in 6-10 days, your feet start to peel. I mean peel, like the whole top layer of skin comes off revealing smooth soft new feet.

Lavender bath salts

Dr. Teals lavender bath salt and bubble bath

Now I know bath bombs are all the rage, but call me old-fashioned, I like the classic Epsom salts in my bath. This Dr. Teals is inexpensive, the lavender scent is so relaxing. Add a little of the bubble bath too and it makes it luxurious. Epsom salts are so good for your body too. A bath with this stuff just before bed is heaven!

Scalp Massager

scalp massager

This little tool is a gem! So inexpensive and works wonders. You know that feeling when you go to the salon and they wash your hair and massage your scalp – yup, this does that! It is so simple but pair this with some nice shampoo and conditioner for a great gift as well.

Pumice Stone

pumice stone for feet

This one is so simple, but a little foot scrubbing in the shower feels so good. Give those weary feet a little TLC, even if only for a minute. Maybe pair this with the foot masks and what a good gift!

Big Heart Tea Co.

big heart co. tea bag

This one is for the type of mom who likes to unwind with cuppa tea. It can be the perfect way to break up the day or to start or close your day savoring the aroma and warmth of tea, not to mention the added benefit of different types of tea and herbs. This company is one of my faves, a woman-owned business, a tea box of your favorite or a variety pack would be some thoughtful gift ideas. Not to mention this is a useful gift and consumable. They even have a tea bath – an herbal tea bag that you put in your bath, what kind of a great idea is that!

Silk Pillow Case

celestial silk pillow cases
celestial silk pillowcases

Now this one I was a little skeptical about. I saw people chattering on social media about silk pillowcases but I wasn’t so sure it would be a need for me. Well, I was gifted a Celestial Silk Pillow Case to try out. It was amazing, I will say I had tried a satin one before but it must be silk! The Celestial Silk pillowcase has completely changed my morning routine. My hair does not need as much attention in the morning now. It is not frizzy or kinked. My face does not feel dried out overnight even in winter with the heat on. I love this and check out this post about why/how silk pillowcases are good for your pillowcase
Share this list with your family and friends for ideas of what to get you for gifts, or use it to buy a gift for a mom friend that will be welcomed at the end of a long day. Or even treat yourself to some of these self-care gifts so you can be the best mom you can be by taking care of yourself.

So there you have it – some of my favorite gifts to give and to receive. They are in a realistic price range and are more personal than a gift certificate.


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