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If you’re looking for super simple Halloween Homeschool Crafts that are cute and not spooky at all, you’re going to love these simple craft options. With the Halloween season right around the corner, you can easily find a way to give your child that Halloween feels without giving them the worries as well.

All of these Halloween Homeschool crafts are fun and easy to do and are great for a wide variety of ages. Crafting together is a great way to bond so find time to sit down with your child and craft away with them as well. They’ll love the time together and you’ll love the creative time!

Simple Halloween Homeschool Crafts That Are Cute – Not Spooky!

All of these simple Halloween homeschool crafts are ones that any age can do. Some might need a bit more assistance than others but that’s what you’re going to be there for.

Halloween Monster Rocks

Painting rocks is so much fun! These Halloween Monster Rocks are not only cute, but they’re simple, too. They’re an easy Halloween activity that the kids are going to love. And best of all? They take no time at all!

Rocks Painted as Monsters

Educational Halloween Printables

Use these printables as a fun way to gear up their activities and learning. They can complete the fun activities and then use the sheets to be creative and make up their own Halloween learning fun!

Pumpkin Door Hanger

Adding this pumpkin door hanger craft to your homeschool day is a great idea. It’s a simple pumpkin craft that can be made in a very short amount of time. Plus, it’s a super fun craft for the kids to display as well.

Spider Toilet Paper Roll Craft

There’s no denying this cuteness! This adorable spider craft isn’t spooky at all. In fact, the more googley eyes that you can apply, the better!

Halloween Gingerbread Haunted Houses

Check out this fun idea! Who says that you have to wait for Christmas to make your very own gingerbread house? All you need to do is get a fun kit and make it happen!

Don’t forget about these awesome Halloween Crafts For Toddlers! Just because they aren’t in school yet doesn’t mean that they can’t

More Simple Halloween Homeschool Crafts

The great part about homeschooling is that you have a bit of flexibility in what you want to do. If you’re able to knock out the lessons for the day early, you can then spend more time crafting and being creative.

After all, part of having flexibility when homeschooling is key! This is why it’s super fun to find ways to craft during the holidays as well because there are always things that need to be made.

Some other simple homeschool crafts that you can easily do are ones that you can really just kind of put together and make up as you go.

Halloween Sensory Bin

The great part about making a Halloween sensory bin is that you can easily add in anything that you want. This is a fun lesson to teach the kids because it shows them that they can easily create their own sensory bin with ease as well.

Since a sensory bin is all about adding in items that the kids can feel and touch, feel free to add in some interesting items as well. Have fun and let them feel all sorts of textures. As long as it’s safe, it can be a good experience!

Halloween Cards

Who says that you can’t send out cards at various times during the year? Halloween cards should totally be a thing! If you’re wanting to let the kids brighten someone’s day, let them create and make their own cards to mail out to family and friends.

There’s nothing like a fun Halloween greeting to really increase the excitement about the day!

Create their own ghosts

Ghosts tend to get a bad rap for being spooky, but they don’t have to be. Let your little ones create their own ghosts and then hang them up around the house.

You can even turn it into a fun and educational game. Have them create 5 ghosts and then work on their addition and subtraction as you take one away or add one in.

They’ll love playing and creating that they won’t even realize that they’re learning!

Candy Corn Picture Frame

This isn’t meant to be a long term craft, but it’s still a fun way to use up some of that leftover Halloween. It’s also a great homeschool craft that works on fine motor skills, too.

Have the kids glue candy corn on thick popsicle sticks that are shaped together in a square to create a fun Halloween picture frame to show off their costumes for a while.

Or, if you have an old frame lying around, they can easily glue the candy corn to that, too. Just be certain that they don’t try to eat the candy corn once they’re been glued on!

As you can tell, there are a lot of great homeschool crafts that you can easily create with the kids. Be certain that they’re careful and ready to have fun creating as well.

The earlier that you start creating, the more fun Halloween projects you’ll be able to make! Why not decorate the whole has this year months before Halloween even arrives? Sounds like a fun and doable project to me!

What other Halloween crafts are you looking forward to making?

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