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I love a plant-based protein powder, but I don’t love the taste of dirt. Some of the vegan protein powders out there literally taste like they have dirt in them. I have done my research and testing to find the best vegan protein powders that don’t taste planty or dirty. These ones are actually creamy in texture and flavor, they blend well, and I love them. The first one is my top choice, and they go down from there. I talk all about how I use protein shakes to lose my baby weight, and if you choose a good protein powder, you can really aid your body in letting go of fat!

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Ora Organic: 

This protein powder is my absolute favorite vegan protein powder. There is very little gritty texture, and NO DIRT TASTE at all. It is smooth, blends well, and made from an awesome company. Superfoods, greens, fruits and TUMERIC! Tumeric is literally magical, and there is some in every serving of this protein powder. The protein comes from pea, hemp seeds, organic sprouted rice, organic quinoa, and this exclusive stuff called Organic Sacha Inchi: a great source of the protein tryptophan that helps the brain produce serotonin. Also high in fiber and Omega fatty acids. I was worried it was a weird chemical, but you won’t find any chemicals like that in this powder. I have 3 yummy protein shake recipes I just put up for inspiration, and I highly recommend it. They offer 10% off your first order, and a discount if you subscribe for monthly shipments. Check out this article on how protein shakes promote weight loss: Do Protein Shakes Promote Weight Loss?


MajkaMajka Protein powder

This has long been my favorite tasting, vegan protein powder. It is super clean, full of various plant-based protein powders, and a large spectrum of greens and fruits. There is coconut, pea and chia see proteins in addition to lots of fruits and veggies. The taste is fabulous for this protein powder too. It blends well with no gritty taste.

Vega Protein + Greens

We grabbed this one at Costco a while ago to try, and I was pretty happy with the taste and texture. It blends up creamy with very little grittiness, and it does have some greens like Kale included. It doesn’t have the wide variety of plant-based proteins like Ora or IdealRaw, and Pea Protein is the main source, with a little hemp and brown rice. It isn’t certified organic, but it is certified vegan.

Aloha Protein Powder:

This protein powder is non-GMO, USDA Organic, and full of all-natural yumminess. It comes in with a little less protein and higher calories per serving, but it does have coconut cream in it, which helps it blend up very smooth. It is sweetened with coconut sugar, rather than Stevia, but you still only have 4 grams of sugar per serving! That is actually pretty awesome. They have some unique flavors including banana and strawberry. I have my eye on the strawberry one because my Ora Organic doesn’t have a fruity flavor.

This is more of a complete nutritional supplement, rather than protein powder, but I tried all of their plant-based protein flavors, and they tasted great! Shakeology has a premium ingredients list full of superfoods, antioxidants, fruits, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It really is an amazing source of protein, minerals, nutrients and more, so I highly recommend trying it if you are interested in something that gives your body more than just protein. They have a complete ingredients list here.

I was really impressed with the cafe latte and chocolate flavors. Those seemed to hide the planty/protein taste the best, and I love a protein shake frappucino, so the cafe latte made me very happy.

Of all the ones I’ve tried and tested, these are by far the best. I am not much of a whey protein powder person, but if you really don’t like the textures or tastes of plant-based powders, try some of the super clean whey proteins out there. There are some great brands that have come out with some wonderful whey products. I list some of them in my post on which protein powders are safe for breastfeeding mamas.

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