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I’ve lost over 25 pounds of baby weight for each pregnancy, and bounced back to my pre-baby weight around six weeks. I have some secrets to doing this, which I wrote about in a free ebook you can grab! I also love a great protein powder and health smoothies. I wrote a post on the best protein powders for breastfeeding moms. I wanted to go over a few options, which with all that research led me to the protein powder I know talk a lot about and love as a tool to increase milk supply and help you lose the baby weight.

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I talk about how clean the protein powder is in another post, but basically its very pure, free of artificial sweeteners and organic ingredients. This is so important when breastfeeding because you don’t want to pass off any unwanted chemicals to your baby. You also need to know which foods to add to your protein powder, so make sure to read the 5 best foods to help you lose the baby weight and pump up your milk supply. 

I first found out about the Ideal Raw brand when I signed up for a free, 15-day mommy fit challenge over a year ago. They also have one starting here soon that you should totally hop on! I plan on doing as much as I can, so do it with me!

The Ideal Raw Protein powder is a great milk supply booster, as well as postpartum weight loss tool because of the amazing amount of nutrients it has! Take a look at the ingredients:

IdealRaw Plant Protein Blend (Organic Rice Protein, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Coconut Protein, Organic Chia Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein, Organic Golden Flax Protein, Organic Pumpkin Protein), Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Natural Flavoring, Organic Vanilla Sugar, Sodium Chloride, Organic Stevia, SuperFruits Blend (Organic Cranberries, Organic Pomegranate, Organic Broccoli, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Beet Powder)

The SuperFruits blend is fabulous for breastfeeding mamas because it is full of vitamins and minerals that help in milk production. You also have the Organic Golden Flax Protein, which flax seed is super good for milk production. Like sesame seeds, flaxseed has phytoestrogens that can influence breast milk productionFlaxseed also contains essential fatty acids. Chia is also super good for breastfeeding. Chia seeds are rich in calcium, fatty oils, fiber, protein, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. The healthy nutrients aid in proper brain development of your baby. Coconut milk also provides the fatty acids that help with milk production, which I mention more in depth in an article on the keto diet and breastfeeding.

Seriously, it’s so easy to whip up a smoothie in your blender. Hopefully you’ve got a good one that can blend everything smooth. Quick and easy ways to get a lot of nutrients in at once is so important as a new mom. Tjhe extra protein powder will help your body build muscle back, and the vitamins and nutrients will encourage your body to produce a healthy milk supply for your baby. It’s a win win for everyone. I also have my postpartum fitness routine you can add to your smoothies, which will help you start gaining some muscle back slowly. In the article I link some great workout videos I like and talk about how I workout with a new baby.

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  1. Angela Cameron Reply

    I did weight watchers for a while a year before I got pregnant and for a little while after I had my daughter. Both times – I ended up with very little output. Mummy magic weight loss tea, however, is a good plan because you can basically eat what you want but in moderation. It also won’t hurt your supply if you plan on breastfeeding.

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